The information on this page MUST be filled out correctly with all parties emails and phone numbers.

Century Termite and Pest offers each homes new owner a valued Warranty. In order to offer this we simply must have all of there contact information.

Century Termite and Pest will be sending a confirmation email to all parties involved. If this information can not be verified the “Special $10” Inspection fee will defaulted to the original price of $50.

Termite Inspections are contingent on the following information being verified:

  • Sellers Name, Phone and Email Address
  • Purchaser Name, Phone and Email Address
  • Selling Agent Name, Phone and Email Address
  • Purchasing Agent Name, Phone and Email Address

*Emergency Inspection Also available

Inspection Info:

Settlement Info:

Send Settlement Papers To:


Special Instructions:

*$2.85 fuel surcharge for all inspections. Last minute fees apply to any services scheduled within 48 hours of appointment.

(*) Fields are Mandatory