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Century Termite and Pest/Home Improvement
Got Carpenter Ants? $35.00 off
Century Termite and Pest/Home Improvement

The weather has been very nice this year. So, of course that brings all the crawling and flying bugs out. Remember Century Termite and Pest can take care of all your pest and termite needs.

CARPENTER ANTS do just as much damage as termites can do. Look for sawdust material (that’s frass) around windows and doors. When Carpenter Ants drill wood they leave evidence for us. You may even see body parts lying around.

Century Termite and Pest/Home ImprovementControl Method:
Century Termite and Pest will treat for carpenter ants by finding the nest and/or baiting. When baiting, ants take the bait back to the colony, which kills off the other ants.

Century Termite and Pest will inspect your home at NO CHARGE to identify any ants that you may be seeing.

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